Room thermostat for Baxi gas boiler: how to install it, wireless models and current prices
Heating is one of the most important concerns for owners of private houses or premises. Connection to centralized
Rockets from... a car workshop
Per aspera ad astra, or how I built a rocket. Part 1. Making engines and launching rockets
Author Vyacheslav Shpakovsky 03/02/2017 14:26 Eureka » Discoveries The development of science and technology poses challenges
carpet on warm floor
What kind of warm floor can be laid under a carpet?
At first it was warm. Beauty came later. This is how we can briefly outline the history of the evolution of carpets
floor heating mixing unit diagram
How to install a mixing unit for a heated floor with your own hands - the correct diagram
The installation of heated floors in the house is becoming more popular because it allows you to create comfortable living conditions.
What does laminate look like on a balcony - options
The biggest advantage, of course, in cheap laminate brands is the price. Depending on the
Types of thermostats
Boiler thermostat (thermostat) for the heating system: types and features of choice. Top 5 current models
Thermostat (temperature regulator) is a device that allows you to maintain the temperature according to the set values. The main part of the thermostat is
Temperature regulator for heated floors: principle of operation, types, installation and commissioning
0 2356 05/17/2014 The function of the thermostat in heated floor systems is to turn it on and off
The nuances of choosing and installing a Grundfos circulation pump
Despite the widespread use of heating systems with natural circulation of coolant, they are characterized by
Teplolux heated floor instructions
System elements Regardless of which one you choose from the variety of heated floors from the company
What is UKUT?
Installing heat meters will allow our clients to know exactly their actual heat consumption, which makes it possible to make payments
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