Bathhouse made of profiled timber: Comfort and environmental friendliness
Selecting and Installing Shelves for a Bathhouse in Moscow: How to Create a Cozy Space for Relaxation
Washing banners and signs: Secrets of maintaining the brightness and attractiveness of advertising surfaces
Paromax equipment for hammam and steam generators for Turkish bath
Evacuation plans
Is it possible to insulate a bathhouse with foam plastic from the inside?
Features of heat transfer of a frame bath Frame buildings belong to inertia-free thermal systems, that is, to
living room with fireplace and TV
Living room design with fireplace. Photo 2021
Choosing a fireplace The choice of a fireplace model is determined, first of all, by the task facing the buyer. If
Decorating a fireplace: interesting ideas and the best ways to decorate a fireplace in a modern design (120 photos)
Many of us associate a fireplace with a warm, cozy atmosphere and homely gatherings. Correct
Which side should you put the insulation with foil on?
Today we will tell you on what principle reflective insulation works and which side to lay
Room thermostat for Baxi gas boiler: how to install it, wireless models and current prices
Heating is one of the most important concerns for owners of private houses or premises. Connection to centralized
Rocket stove made from an oxygen cylinder
The principle of operation of a rocket stove Although the design of a rocket stove is quite simple, it is successful
Rockets from... a car workshop
Per aspera ad astra, or how I built a rocket. Part 1. Making engines and launching rockets
Author Vyacheslav Shpakovsky 03/02/2017 14:26 Eureka » Discoveries The development of science and technology poses challenges
Types of Izover insulation and methods of laying them
One of the leading places in the building materials market belongs to the famous French brand Isover, under the brand name
How to choose an air duct
Correct installation of the air duct for a kitchen hood
Kitchen hood with air duct This device comes in two types depending on the principle of operation.
Do-it-yourself bathhouse made of boards and insulation
Is it possible to use polystyrene foam to insulate a bathhouse? Steam does not break bones, or comprehensive insulation of a bathhouse. Adhesive mounting option
Why insulate the floor? A thermal insulation layer is necessary to prevent heat loss from the room. Microclimate in
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